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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>>the crisis in the middle east hits hard for a south bay dentist. he's lost 30-family members intn israel and hamas. israel launched a ground invasion of gaza last thursday. .to fight militants they say
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have fired hundreds of rockets at israeli cities since july 8th. the fighting that has so far killed 34 israelis. more than 680 palestinians are dead. the doctor about the violence. >>on a normal wednesday this dentist office in san jose would have patents in the chair receptionist hard at work, and the dentist, hani jamh who has been here for almost 3 years would normally be filling cavities but today isn't a normal day for jamh. so he closed his office. > > what me to close the office today? > > it is the morning of the death of 30 members of my family. it is hard to actually picture. these are people who were killed in the israeli strike on civilians last sunday. > > knowing that is your family
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back there, talk to me about your emotions. what goes through your head? > > that's difficult. first heard the news about his family > > i called some family members and they confirmed the news. it was very difficult. but my community has come together to support me and i really appreciate that. i hope my government can do something about this. > > he tells me he will reopen his office thursday morning >>tonight--- the f--a-a has lifted its ban on u-s flights to israel. it was imposed tuesday - after a rocket hit only about a mile international airport in tel
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aviv. today - secretary of state john kerry said negotiations are edging closer to a cease-fire between israel and hamas militants. > > we will continue to push for this cease-fire. we will continue to work with the president and others in the region in order to achieve it to. i can tell you that we have, in the last 24 hours, made some progress in moving towards that goal. > >a hamas leader is calling for the opening of gaza's borders and the end of a more than seven year long blockade on gaza. he says hamas cannot abandon those terms in a cease-fire agreement. livermore police say a woman left her two young children alone in the car so she could do some gambling at a local casino. kron four's jeff bush is live in livermore with that story. jeff? > > ages 2 and 3. police say
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these mother came here to gamble here in livermore on sunday night. the problem is she left her two little girls in the car across the street. >>37 year old phaley nget of oakland was arrested on sunday night after police were called to the parking lot across the street from the casino. when officers arrived on scene, this is what they sawtwo little girls, ages two and three, strapped in their seats in the back of the car. traci rebiejo>> one was crying. the windows were partially rolled down. she had blankets covering the windows. >>it is unclear if the blankets were to hide the children from view or an attempt to keep the heat down. either way, the children were unsupervised, in a locked carand, that is illegal. rebiejo >> it is an extreem case. she didn't just run into the grocery store and buy a gallon of milk. she was going there for her pleasure and leaving her kids abandoned in the car. luckely it was 75 degrees. she
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was parked in the shade. the interior temperature was only 81 degrees but it cold have been a tragedy. >>nget was arrested and is in custody at the county jail in dublin. rebiejo >> it's illegal to leave anybody under the age of seven in the car, unattended for a minute, let alone, going into a casino and gambling. > > she is being held on. $20,000 on the kids are in the custody of child protective services. >>a man claiming to be a park ranger has people on edge in marin county. and whoever he is -- he apparently doesn't like dogs. people say there have been at least two instances where a man claming to be a ranger ordered people to put their dogs on a leash. it's happening in an area of blithedale summit -- where that's not required. but he's also accused of throwing rocks -- and trying to kick a dog.
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> > it's kind of disgusting and. i can't understand hurting an animal just because he is often english--lisa--leash. > > the woman claims the ump man took photos when she did not believe he was a park ranger. martin county officials are now on alert. two men will spend life in prison for their roles in a shooting that killed a 3 year old boy in oakland. 29 year old lawrence denard and 25 year old willie torrence were both sentenced for the shooting death of 3-year-old carlos nava in 20-11. he was in a stroller at an east hit in the neck by a stray bullet. in san jose.a u-s postal inspector is accused of stealing, delaying and destroying mail. quan howard was in federal court today -- indicted for stealing things from the san jose distribution center. investigators say he took things
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including a gun silencer.a silver greeting cards. he's facing separate marijuana charges. quan will be arraigned next month. president obama has wrapped up a very profitable fund-raising visit to the west coast. he left san francisco this afternoon. after two events in the bay area.. one at the four seasons -- and another at a private home in los altos hills. on the way to the peninsula - his motorcade was met by a crowd of protestors. their causes included immigration.internet neutrality.and the mideast conflict. the president had started his trip in seattle.and left s-f-o this afternoon for los angeles. why a local cab company owner in san francisco says he's fed up. and ready to quit the taxi business. and the story that might have you checking out 'your' attic. where a valuable painting was discovered. and a scary situation at ocean beach.when two teenagers got in trouble in some big waves.
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the tourist who helped to rescue them.
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two teenagers were rescued on ocean beach today after being overpowered by a wave. they'd gone into the water despite the posted warnings of the dangers of ocean beach. a german tourist spotted them -- volunteer lifeguard. > > the water was so strong round them and they could not figure out a way out. they just kind of panicked,., > >the teenagers were checked out - and they're ok. rescue workers say this is a reminder that ocean beach can be treacherous. is yet another transit strike looming in the bay area.? the union members now without a contract.who are getting restless. and a big event in santa clara. as the 49'ers host their first
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charity event at the new stadium. > > a little later we'll have highlights of the a's, giants, 49ers training camp, and raiders' opening not. everyone gets warm and fuzzy with cupcakes later in the broadcast. > > was a little bit warmer out there today but it will be significantly warmer tomorrow were. at&t's see how hot it will there today but it will be significantly warmer tomorrow were. at&t's see how hot it will get. every mercedes-benz is made with the highest level of engineering... there today but it will be significantly warmer tomorrow were. at&t's see how hot it will get. design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz.
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>>on the day players and coaches reported to training camp. the san francisco 49ers hosted its first charity event at levi stadium. kron four's philippe djegal was there as fans got to meet the team in santa clara. >>before they pimd the turf at their new home. the san francisco 49ers welcomed with the beat of a drum. surrounded by fans and sponsors at levi's stadium. hungry for pasta and a super bowl run in their new digs. >>"it's nice -- real nice." >>"we're looking forward to marking our territory." >>during the organization's eighth annual pasta bowl. players and coaches sit amongst the 49ers faithful and enjoy and italian-style meal. a thrill for most fans. >> "it's incredible. it beats all of our expectations. so, this is, this is an amazing experience."
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>>"we can't wait for the season to start and, you know, to come to an event like this, it just makes you know, the whole nfl experience and getting ready for the season, you just want it to start today." >>the money raised at the event will go to the san francisco 49ers foundation. and, organizers say it was a big success. with great players of the past, joining this year's squad to break in the new stadium. and, gear up for another championship push. >>"i think with the talent that we have on this team, uh, the coaching staff that we have assembled, i mean, i think anything less than a super bowl would be disappointing." now that the team has reported to training camp. it's back to business. they'll get to work thursday for their first practice. at levi's stadium in santa clara, philippe djegal, kron four news. > > it was a nice day to day a little warmer than yesterday with even warmer conditions for the weekend. the normal fog will clear back and see temperature
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is 110 to 15 degrees tomorrow. looking ahead it will be very high into friday and warmer this weekend. looking at the fog tracker you see very vital fog tomorrow. and what we do have will clear fast and it will stay sunny, said the coast will be very warm in the '70s. in the '80s is the east bay shoreline. the inland valleys will be in the '90s tomorrow afternoon. the south bay has a couple low 90s as well. the north bay has a mix of the '80s and '90s as well.
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the extended forecast shows even warmer on friday, looking to the triple digits and inland valley . we will see a little fog at the coastline which will turn down the temperatures into next week. >>a san francisco cab company is threatening to get out of the business.unless it sees new regulations on ride-sharing services. there are about 200 desoto cabs on the streets of san francisco now - the company owner says he might get out of the taxi business - and turn his cabs into sedan-like limos. he says he'd be able to operate them much more cheaply. he says ride-sharing companies like uber - which aren't regulated - have an unfair advantage. > > how do i compete in a deregulated environment when one set of rules are on me and one set of rules are on my competitors.
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taxi's are required to have a medallion, which he says costs 22-hundred dollars a month for a painting worth 50-thousand dollars has been found in the historic patterson house in fremont. it was done in the early 1920's, by renowned new york city artist john coke. it's a portrait of a woman named her husband taught at the university of michigan.and probably met coke there. after may died - her belongings were sent to her sister sarah -- who married henry patterson. the painting will eventually be on show at the patterson house.and in the meantime, is tucked away in a safe. > > ferry workers could be among those to go on strike if a compromise is not worked out between them and at golden gate bridge and highway administration. they have been working without a contract. one
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has recently been put forth which include several raises over the next few years but they say it is not enough to deal with cost of living increases. > >new at 11. the a's celebrated the 15-th annual root beer float day today. the charity event benefits the juvenile diabetes research foundation. kron-4's vicki liviakis was there. > > the a's first day and root beer floats. how sweet it is. > > it's a really good way to raise awareness and help out as much as you can quit. we have a great turnout.
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we will be here long time. thanks for asking. > > a's fans are doing their part and we appreciate it. >>in sports. vernon davis shows up at 49ers camp. the a's just keep rolling. and the giants ride another clutch performance by a couple of all-stars. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next!! gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next!! (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you...
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> > it was root beer floats day with a's. he had two home runs. his second of the game.
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jim johnson did not get anybody out. before you know what the game was 9 at 277 --7. the angels win but that a's still leave the american west by two games. giants/phillies >>the phillie phanatic having some fun as ron wotus and larry bowa go over the lineups with the umpiring crew stadium employee getting ready from impending rain expecting rain the tarp is put on and the game is delayed with two outs in the top of the 4th scoreless the game was delayed 59 minutes funny thing was it barely rained madison bumgarner despite the delay pitched 8 scoreless innings with the giants bullpen depleted due to yesterday's 14- inning game he gave them exactly what they needed
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here in the 8th he gets out of a runners on 2nd and 3rd jam with the fly out top 9th/ based loaded with 2 outs hunter pence slices one the opposite way to right gregor blanco scores brandon crawford scores hector sanchez scores based clearing double for pence 3-0 giants final: 3-1 giants dodgers lost so the giants increase their lead in the n.l. west to 2 games vernon davis ended the suspense reporting for the first day of training camp in santa clara this instagram video of davis being greeted by his teammates was posted by safety c.j. spillman davis had held out of mandatory off-season activities due to a contract dispute this despite being the 4th highest paid tight end in the nfl pro bowl offensive guard alex boone was a no show and said he won't show until he has a new contract colin kaepernick talked today about the arrival of davis the raiders backed the bus into napa to open their camp 5th overall pick khalil mack they hope he can bring some star power at linebacker and defensive back charles woodson with his 3-year-old son chase in his 17th training camp although he feels good football is back after all these years training camp doesn't exactly
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thrill him > > i don't look forward to training camp but i do look forward to being back in napa. i made to get started again. earthquakes in chicago taking on former coach frank yallop 62nd minute/ 2-0 earthquakes chris wondolowski. scores to put the quakes up 3-0 then runs to the sidelines to kiss his newborn son final: 5-1 earthquakes quakes snap a 5-game winless streak they play seattle sunday in the first sporting event at levi's stadium lebron james is in china. flat he sent cup dates to his fans
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back in his new neighborhood. that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps.
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white flag of surrender, who done it. >> who scaled the brooklyn bridge and did this? >> why did they do it? he's taking off right now. >> wal-mart -- >> just stole all this stuff. >> i find it strange that you could get out the door with all that stuff. and fat shaming outrage. imagine bullying an entire area code. >> it was appalling. plus, the ncis star rushed to the hospital. her dire warning to fans. then, the woman who proudly posed in her hot new dress. so why would it lead to her arrest? and hand bag wars. why the things written on this


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